Hello! My name is Elizaveta Melkozerova. I am russian painter.

I was born November 16, 1985 in Russia, in city Lyubertsy. Since childhood I loved to draw pictures with pencils, pens and markers. In 2003 I entered the Moscow art-industrial Institute, majoring in Graphic designer. In 2009 I graduated from the Institute with honors. After graduation I worked as a teacher of drawing and painting. 
In 2014 I opened a shop of my paintings on the Internet: melkozerova.livemaster.ru
I write my paintings with tempera and acrylic on canvas, draw graphics, create illustrations for postcards. The subjects for my paintings I find in nature and in the imagination. I love to paint birds, flowers, herbs. I love the Russian nature, especially, Russian forest. In each work I put my heart and soul.
© Elizaveta Melkozerova, 2015
my painting
my graphics
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my decoupage cards
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